The Broadway Gaming Network is a very small collaboration indeed. More of a cluster really. It consists of just four sites: Butlers, Dotty, Glossy and Rehab. All the sites now run on Microgaming software so perhaps these four are best seen as a renegade sub group of the Microgaming Network. All Broadway Gaming sites are registered and licensed via the Mediterranean island of Malta. This territory falls under the jurisdiction of the UK Gambling Commission, so all are considered safe to play for players based in the United Kingdom.

But although this group may possibly the smallest to call itself a “network”, it is not to be underestimated. In fact, it is one of our favourites here at Keep Calm Bingo. Now before you get all cynical, this is NOT because they pay us the most commission. Besides, we never had commission in our day. It was a straight weekly pay packet and nothing else at all. Not even a bonus. No, this little network is a bit of a gem, and here’s why…

What this network lacks in size, it makes up for in quality. Many rival networks’ sites do tend to look very similar, and operate to nearly identical templates. But these four operations do actually look and feel different to one another. Other than the fact that they have pretty much identical Terms & Conditions, you would be unlikely to spot that they are stablemates. Butlers Bingo is probably the most established of the four. As you would expect from the title, it exudes class, but not in a flashy, showy way. The whole atmosphere of the site is understated and distinctive – distinguished even. No brash flashing banners on this site, just the comforting feeling of being looked after – a feature that pervades the entire site, not just a bit of marketing puff which ends after the home page. There are comprehensive instructions for those new to the game, including a guide to “bingo lingo”, which is not something I’ve noticed anywhere else.

Rehab has recently been re-launched, and is an Ireland based site which donates a proportion of profits to a worthwhile charity, with projects in the Republic and the UK. Dotty is perhaps the simplest site, offering only 90 ball “traditional” bingo. It’s definitely a no nonsense “let’s get on with the bingo” type of affair. And finally Glossy, which has a kind of “tabloid” style look, also a fairly basic design, with few frills but very effective.

All the sites feature 90 and 75 ball options (except Dotty) with all the typical credit / debit and e-payment choices. The wagering requirements are a simple 5 x your bonus, which means that if, for example, you receive a £20 introductory bonus, you must spend £100 in real funds before withdrawing any winnings. Think of it as effectively a 20% bonus! But for us, the most notable feature of this network is that all four members display their game pay out rates via a link on the home page. This means that you know which games give you the best chance of winning. A very unusually open and honest gesture from an online gambling organisation!

So in conclusion, Broadway Gaming Network’s members represent a small but perfectly formed group of sites. No identikit designs here – each has its own unique character. Worth a try eh, readers?