Dragonfish are the behemoths of the online bingo industry. They are by far the biggest designers of bingo sites in the United Kingdom, providing a speedy and reliable service to online bingo operators. They are a part of the 888 Holdings / Cassava group of companies, whose actual ownership structure is, to say the least a little confusing. A Bond style undercover agent would be required to have any chance of unpicking this complicated conglomerate. Although, to be fair, I’m certainly NOT suggesting there is a white cat-stroking megalomaniac in his underground bunker on an exotic island actually controlling things!

The Dragonfish network itself has over 60 individual sites, including Live, Neon and 888 Bingo. But because Dragonfish also design software and platforms for other sites and networks, things can be a little confusing here too! Foxy, Monkey and Moon Bingo, for example, are designed by Dragonfish, but NOT on the network. The total number of Dragonfish designed sites is now well in excess of one hundred.

The Dragonfish network (and indeed, all their designed sites) is renowned for its professionally designed, glitzy looking sites. They are without exception smooth running and glitch-free. Since they all follow a similar (some say identical) design framework, they are exceptionally easy to navigate. You won’t need an old-school map and compass, nor one of those new-fangled GPS satnav thingies to find your way around these Johnnies. Being such a large network, the prizes on offer can be genuinely life changing. Progressive jackpots can reach eye watering amounts, and there is always the well-publicised network jackpot of £1 million on offer. Not sure how many times it has actually been won though… Wagering requirements on Dragonfish sites can vary: you will generally need to spend between two and eight times your bonus amounts in real funds before making a withdrawal.

Dragonfish generally only offer traditional 90 Ball or 75 Ball “American” Bingo, so fans of “speed” bingo or other more unusual formats of the game will need to look elsewhere. The banking / depositing / payment side of things is always looked after by the “Cassava Enterprises” member of the conglomerate, and again, it’s all very professionally done. You can deposit funds using just about every legitimate method you can think of, using any of the major world currencies. They even provide a telephone service that you can ring for free. Registration and licensing is always via Gibraltar. This territory is covered by the UK Gambling Commission, so you can always play on Dragonfish sites with confidence.

In conclusion, the Dragonfish network offers a slick, smooth running and well designed operation with very competitive prizes. Some reviewers can get a bit sniffy about them – they certainly can appear to dominate the market and their consistent design features can make them seem a bit “samey” after a while. But you can’t really knock their professional looks, reliable service and great prizes. And if their undoubted popularity does get a bit too much for you, there are plenty of alternatives for you to try. Just check out the other networks listed here at Keep Calm Bingo. Splendid!