Fun Bingo Network (FBN) is a smaller group of titles managed and powered by Cozy Games. It currently has around half a dozen sites, including Budget, Dandy and United Colours of Bingo. All the FBN members are licenced and registered via the Isle of Man. This territory is covered by the UK Gambling Commission, so all are considered safe to play in the United Kingdom.

Cozy Games’ software designers always provide well organised and smooth running sites. It’s always easy to find your way around, with very few glitches along the way. All FBN members’ sites feature simple but effective designs, which will suit the kind of player who just wants to get on with the game, with as few glitzy distractions as possible. Indeed, this uncluttered and functional design may be a little too flat and one dimensional for adrenaline junkies, but its relaxed and uncluttered feel is a real attraction for those of us looking for a less frantic experience. Once you get to my age, a pair of comfy slippers and a mug of Horlicks are far preferable to a noisy, strobe filled nightclub with a double vodka and Red Bull! So you won’t find any annoying scrolling banners or neon flashing images on the Fun Bingo Network. I swear some of the frenetic designs of their more “contemporary” rivals’ sites should be forced to give out those warnings like they do on TV… “Players should be aware that this site contains flickering graphics and flash photography effects which may be disturbing to people of a sensitive disposition.”

Fun Bingo Network members provide a homely, friendly and fun experience – ideal for those of us who are a bit more laid back and prefer an easier pace in life. So although you are unlikely to find extravagant claims of million dollar jackpots on FBN sites, what you will find is well run, friendly chat rooms with worthwhile prizes and a feeling that you are members of small exclusive members’ club, rather than hanging out with the international high rollers. And another point to remember is – without all those unattainable lucrative mega jackpots attracting the big gamblers, YOU have a better chance of winning! Splendid!

The bingo formats provided are usually 90, 80 and 75 Ball, with absolutely no 30 ball “speed” bingo at all. See what I mean? No low attention span thrill seekers required on these sites – just good old fashioned traditional bingo. Just like things used to be…

Banking options are still pretty much what you’d expect from a modern day online bingo operation though. You can use your standard credit and debit cards, and they even provide some of those new-fangled e-payment methods for the more modern types. Wagering requirements are also around the industry standard. You will need to spend around four to eight times your deposit + bonus in real funds before making a withdrawal. This means that if, for example, you deposit £10, and receive a bonus of £20, you will need to spend £120 – £240 of your own money before you make your first withdrawal. These figures apply to bingo – you will need to spend more if you are playing other games, such as slots or scratch cards. Always check the individual site’s Terms and Conditions for precise requirements. Or just check out our own site reviews!

Little Miss Bingo is a member of the Fun Bingo Network, a small group of half a dozen or so sites, including Budget and House of Bingo. It’s a Cozy Games designed site, licenced and registered on the Isle of Man. This means that it is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, so it is regarded as being safe to play for players based in the United Kingdom.

It is a very pink and pastel themed site, the colour scheme clearly designed to attract those who have maintained their “little princess” identity deep into adulthood. 90, 80 and 75 ball bingo is provided, and it all works very well, with busy, lively chat rooms and plenty of decent prizes and jackpots to play for. There is a good range of slot, scratch card and casino style games here too, for those that are looking for more than just the bingo. Everything is also mobile compatible, so you can play on the go with your tablet, Android or Apple phone. The Loyalty Scheme on offer is a standard four tiered affair. One point is earned for every pound spent on bingo. You need to spend over £5000 pounds in total to reach the top SVIP level. Rewards include increasingly generous cash-back deposit bonuses as you rise through the levels. You can trade your Loyalty Points for cash, but only at the rate of 1p per point (a return of 1%). You can also earn Bonus Bucks (BBs) and free tickets / spins in various games and promotions.

Making a payment is no problem on this site. After registering your details, you can make a deposit by the usual credit and debit methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, Delta and Maestro. Several e-payment options are provided too. The minimum deposit amount is £10. The wagering requirements here are that you will need to spend four times your deposit + introductory bonus before making a first withdrawal. This means that if you were to deposit £10 and receive a £20 bonus, you would need to spend £120 (4 x £30) of your own funds before making a claim. Conditions for other types of bonuses require you to wager 10 x the its value. These terms apply to playing bingo only. If you are playing other instant games, you will be required to spend 8 x / 15 x your bonus respectively. If this all sounds a bit complicated, you can put your calculators away, because this site provides a handy “dashboard” showing your progress toward fulfilling any remaining wagering requirements. The minimum withdrawal amount is a little higher than usual, at £50. You can expect to wait at least a week for your funds to reach your nominated account.

In conclusion, this Keep Calm review of Little Miss Bingo finds a well fashioned, colourful site designed to appeal to all grown up little princesses everywhere. This title and its fellow members of the United Bingo Network have carved out their own little niche of interesting sites: big enough to be lively with attractive prizes, but small enough to retain that homely, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.