The GlobalCom Network is part of the complicated mega corporation that comprises the 888 Holdings / Cassava / Dragonfish group of titles. 888 is the overall owner (hence the name Holdings); Dragonfish do the designing and Cassava look after the financial side of things. If you play on any of their sites, Cassava will be the name that appears on your bank or credit card statements.

From the bingo players’ point of view, Dragonfish is the important bit. This is the name behind the design and look of the sites. “GlobalCom” is really therefore best viewed from the players’ point of view as “Dragonfish” by another name. Financial accountants may see things differently, but let’s face it, they probably don’t play bingo. Well I hope you’ve got all that. Because it gets even more complicated. Just because a site is designed by Dragonfish, it does not mean that said site is on the Dragonfish network. Oh no. Because Dragonfish design sites for everyone that wants one (and can afford to pay for one!). So you don’t have to be on the Dragonfish network to be designed by them. It all sounds a bit clandestine. Careless talk costs lives and all that. Maybe we should call in the spooks to take a look?

But surely the question is: does all this financial jiggery pokery make any difference to the dedicated online bingo player? Not really. All GlobalCom / Dragonfish sites are registered and licenced via the UK overseas territory of Gibraltar. This means that they are overseen by the UK Gambling Commission and are all regarded as safe to play in the United Kingdom.
And all you really need to know is that if you are playing on a Dragonfish site, you can be secure in the knowledge that you are playing on a site built by one of the biggest and most trusted names in the business, and that your payments and withdrawals will be handled by Cassava – again, one of the biggest in the business. They even provide a free phone line for anyone with queries, or even simply to make a deposit.

Design wise – again, Dragonfish are regarded as one of the best in the business. They are probably responsible for the design of more online bingo sites than anyone else in the industry. All their sites without exception are well designed, easy to find your way around and very smooth running. On the other hand, being the biggest in the business does have some drawbacks. Some players find their sites a bit homogenous and samey. Bland even. And it is true that some are just identikit “cut and paste” templates copied from others, with just a new name and different colour scheme. But there is no general rule. Some are really well fashioned, customised to fit the brand, with every page and feature fitting the theme. Sites you can tell that have made a real effort to look and feel different and unique. So you really do need to look at each one on its own merits.

So basically, wherever you are on the GLOBE, you don’t have to FISH through 888 different sites to find good bingo. Just AVA go. (Cor blimey that’s enough. Ed)