Gossip Network is a small but perfectly formed group of similarly styled titles. At the last count, this little subset of Dragonfish designed sites had eight members, including Moon, Robin Hood and Sugar Bingo. All are very glossily designed, with impressive, up to date graphics and backgrounds. They all run very smoothly, as you would expect from operations designed by these giants of the online bingo world.

Playing on a site belonging to the Dragonfish stable brings several attractive features for the online bingo player. You’re playing with one of the biggest names in the business. With a reputation to maintain and a massive infrastructure to pay for, you can be sure that they need to retain their customers. All Gossip Network’s sites are registered and licenced in the UK overseas territory of Gibraltar. This means that they are covered by the regulations of the UK Gambling Commission, so they are considered safe to play in the United Kingdom. All your financial transactions are taken care of by the Cassava wing of the Dragonfish organisation, so this is the name that will appear on your bank and credit card statements.

It’s easy to make a deposit on Gossip members’ sites. All the typical credit and debit options are available, together with an array of e-payment options, including the ever popular PayPal. You can even ring them up if you want to, as they provide a 24 hour Freephone service too. Withdrawing your funds is not too much of a palaver either. The wagering requirements are reasonable by industry standards too. You will need to spend 4 x your deposit + bonus before making a claim. This means, for example, that if you make a deposit of £10 and receive a £20 bonus, you will need to spend £120 (4 x £30) before making your first withdrawal.

Some people feel that these sites are a bit samey. Bland even. But the familiarity of the design suits many people. It’s a bit like shopping in a supermarket. The sheer size of the organisation can help you to feel secure. It’s convenient, you know where everything is and the familiarity helps you to feel at home. Others do prefer a bit more variety, so I suppose that would be like the people who still shop like we did in our day – visiting the butcher, the vegetable and fruit stall, the baker, then popping down the market for a few bargains. I remember the days when there were shops just like Arkwright’s in Open All Hours… Sorry, getting all misty eyed there. The point is, it’s horses for courses. Live and let live and all that.

Anyway, all you need to know is that if you’re playing on a Gossip network site, you’ve got the expertise and professionalism of the entire Dragonfish organisation behind you. You know where you are and you know where you’re going. Everything is taken care of, leaving you to just get on with the bingo. Tickety Boo!