This is not an online bingo site. So what are we doing a review of it for then? Well Busy Bee is an online bingo review site. A bit like us here at Keep Calm really. But we’re happy to recommend them because they and we share a similar attitude to the job we do. Like all referral sites, we make money from earning commission on affiliation fees. Basically, this means that we get paid if you register and play on bingo sites after reading our reviews. Now this means that some less scrupulous review sites tend to recommend every bingo title – because the only way to get paid is if players click on the link and play on those sites. But sites like Keep Calm and Busy Bee aren’t like that. Because what’s the point of our readers visiting a bingo review site if it isn’t honest? If all the reviews are favourable, no matter what the real quality, you may as well just give them a try yourself and not bother reading the reviews.

This is where sites like Busy Bee and Keep Calm are different. If we don’t think a site is very good, we’ll tell you. If we think there are better alternatives out there, we’ll tell you. If the design we’re reviewing is just like all the others, with just a name change on the home page, you’ll be the first to know about it from us. Don’t misunderstand us. We do tend to be positive – we LOVE bingo! But if there is a drawback, like dodgy wagering requirements, or glitch filled software, we’ll tell you.

I suppose you could say we like different things. Here at Keep Calm, we tend to focus on the traditional. Bingo is, after all, a traditional game – part of our shared heritage. Busy Bee are more into the modern day stuff. You know, mobile bingo, playing on tablets and laptops, on the move as well as at home. We’re more home bodies – more of a “let’s just get on with the bingo” type. For us, a tablet is more likely to be something you get from your doctor or the chemist. After all, we’ve only just got used to realising that PC refers to a personal computer, and not your friendly neighbourhood bobby on the beat.

But whatever your tastes, you can rely on a genuine review from Busy Bee. They cover all you need to know about the sites they review. From payment facilities to withdrawal conditions; from the types of bingo available to the kinds of other games you can play. You’ll be informed who the software designers are and also where the sites are licenced and registered. Rest assured, Busy Bee, like us, only review sites that are regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, but it pays to have these things spelt out in black and white. Most importantly, we go through the Terms and Conditions for each site to try to spot any unusual or irregular rules. Of course, you’re supposed to do that for yourselves, but hey, life is short, and they’re not exactly written for entertainment are they?

So remember, if you’re looking for an unbiased view of online bingo sites, you can rely on Busy Bee.