Cozy Games very much offer a different experience to other bingo software providers. The focus here is free bingo. This can come with some complex terms and conditions that sometimes mean selling your children is the only way to withdraw any winnings, of course we are joking but it can be difficult. Cozy get a hard time for this and receive quite a few complaints but actually they have lots of happy players who realise that there’s no such thing as a free meal and are happy that anything offered free is really just a bonus!

Great selection of slots and side games mainly supplied by EyeCon and one of the most widely used software providers. Dragonfish also run a huge network of sites known as the Dragonfish network, these tend to be pretty much a “copy and paste” job once you get inside. However, new flexible features in the software allows their partners to supply different offers, so you may find that although a site is on the network you can actually get a 200% bonus or some free bingo money if you shop around.

Eyecon are an Australian based software company providing slots to a variety of bingo sites including sites running on Dragonfish / Cassava software and Jumpman Gaming software.

Jumpman Gaming is a fairly new software provider with an expanding list of sites that are proving to be very popular with bingo players all over.  Great payouts and easy withdrawals with no obstructive terms and conditions and great slots from Eyecon make this a software provider that is taking the market by storm.

Although previously considered to be only good at creating online casino’s and slots, actually now Microgaming are making big waves in the online bingo pond. Of course being a huge casino operator means that you get all the fun of a good casino’s slots whilst playing bingo. Microgaming are a bit of a halfway house between Dragonfish and Cozy Games in terms of their offerings. You can get lots of free bingo but it will come with terms and conditions for withdrawal. However they also have sites that don’t offer huge bonuses and therefore are less fussy about withdrawals. If you like your slots and casino games whilst playing bingo then Microgaming may well be your preferred choice of software.